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General Lee

The General Lee is one of the most recognized and iconic television cars of all time.

Based on a '69 Dodge Charger, the General Lee was driven by the Duke cousins Bo and Luke in the classic television series The Dukes of Hazzard. It is known for its signature horn, police chases, amazing stunts — especially its' long jumps — and for having its doors welded shut, leaving the Dukes to climb in and out through the windows.

The car appears in every episode but one (Mary Kaye's Baby). The car's name is a reference to the General Robert E. Lee and it bears a battle flag of the Confederate States of America (the army which Robert E. Lee commanded) on its roof, and also has a horn which plays the first twelve notes of the song "Dixie".

The idea for the General Lee was developed from the bootlegger Jerry Rushing's car, which was named for Lee's favorite horse,Traveller. Traveller was also the name of the car in Moonrunners, the 1975 movie precursor to The Dukes of Hazzard.

The General Lee will be available for photos all three days.