Convention Centre
6815 Stanley Ave,
Niagara Falls, Canada

Alura LARP

Alura Larp is a post-apocalyptic Greek fantasy set in a world where the gods have shunned humanity. In this world, you can take on the role of an adventurer, mage, hero or villian. 

Step into the town of haven, a small community of farmers, tradesmen and mercenaries. Here the strange wanderers of the world seem to settle, those unable or unwilling to make a home among their normal tribes. Caught between warring kingdoms, disputes of the gods, and the fickle temperments of mighty dragons, there is rarely a moment of peace in Haven. Beware of the mythological and undead creatures that plague our lands. Keep your friends close and you enemies at the tip of your blade.

The goal of Alura LARP goal is to bring live action roleplaying to the tourists and families of Niagara Falls Ontario as well as the surrounding area.

During summer months, Alura holds events in the small community of Pelham, located centrally within the Niagara Region. The host farm has a few acres of wood and field adventurers may traverse, it's hilly nature and abundant brush creating natural barriers and barricades for the assorted camps. Our events also often come with an on-site tavern as well, eliminating the worry over food preparations while trying to enjoy the game. 

In winter, they move indoors for "Tavern Nights". Typically hosted in Niagara Falls, these events are held in halls with ample room for both RP and Combat. These one day events are perfect for first-timers that are nervous about the investment of gear required to go camping.

Alura LARP strives to be a family friendly event, where people of all ages can come and have fun.

Headed by a skilled team of Weavers, the volunteer team of NPCs puts their all into creating an immersive, fun, and challenging event for players of all levels and skill.

They are also an all-ages game. Children accompanied by their parents are often given their own little challenges, while still getting to enjoy their time with their families. Please keep in mind that all attending children are required to remain in the care of their parents or guardians while on site. Alura LARP does not provide child-care services to participants, and anyone under the age of 16 requires a guardian.

At Alura, they operate on an honour system of combat, where fighting players are required to call their damage, and react accordingly. NPC camp has monsters of varying skill levels, ensuring that one does not need to be a real-life combat master in order to be able to participate in battle. 

Alura uses Latex and Foam weapons that have all been tested for player safety. Latex-padded arrows are also permitted for use after passing a proficiency test. Players are of course welcome to bring their own weapons, home made or purchased, which will be tested and tagged by our NPC team.

For those more interested in slinging spells than arrows, the world of Alura is rife with magic. Both benevolent and malicious strains of power flow through the Essence of the land, leaving it up to the Apprentice how they choose to use it. Whether you desire to destroy your enemies in flame, or restore life to those you love, with enough practice and Essence anything you imagine can come true.

If your taste runs more towards using your wit and wiles to make your way through the world, there is plenty of roleplay to be found. Be it trying to trick your way out of the trap of a demon, or simply gambling away some coin over good drinks and conversation in the tavern, the immersive world of Alura lends something for everyone. However, we know that not every moment at a game has to be dark and dreary, and laughter is often heard over the hills of Haven as much as cries of battle. In the end, LARP is about having a blast, making friends and walking out of an event excited for the next adventure.

To learn more about Alura LARP, feel free to speak to any of our volunteers, or visit our website at