Convention Centre
6815 Stanley Ave,
Niagara Falls, Canada

Ice Phoenix Art

I have always loved various art forms, much of my free time is spent in my modest home studio drawing, sewing, sculpting or whatever new skill I am challenging myself with that week, while listening to music and half singing along as time flies by.

I am currently working on my debut graphic novel, Deadly Nightshade, with hope to have a preview if not the first volume in print in the near future though this has proven to be a larger challenge than i thought. I have always enjoyed the comic con community and have so may weird and wonderful worlds floating around in my head that I felt it was time to attempt to put one of them on paper.

Everything I make is 100% handcrafted with the upmost care and attention to detail, so that they may last for as long as you love them. If you are just passing through or along for the convention season, welcome! I hope you enjoy yourself while you’re here and iIhope you find something you like!