Convention Centre
6815 Stanley Ave,
Niagara Falls, Canada

Jorge Molina

Born   in   1984   in   Merida,  Yucatan,   Mexico,   Jorge   Molina   showed   a   big   passion   in   comics   since   an   early   age   and  dreamed   of  working   on   anything   related   to   drawing   super   heroes.
As he got older, Jorge began to relize it was just a kid's dream and that he should probably do something more "reliable", but then he had the chance to study animation, which led to him joining comics after all. Jorge, being an up and coming artist, started working in the industry 10 years ago and has worked on multiple video games, comics, clothing design and product design for companies like UDON, Image, Top Cow, DC Comics, Crystal Dynamics, ROCK STAR, Buzz Monkey and Marvel Comics.
Jorge has worked on titles such as X-Force, Thor, Avengers World, Superior Spider-Man, and many others.
Jorge is also the co-creator of A-Force, and is currently the lead artist on the Marvel Star Wars comic series. Marvel recently announced that Jorge will be the lead artist on the upcoming X-Men: Blue series.
Jorge Molina will be appearing at Niagara Falls Comic Con all three days.