Convention Centre
6815 Stanley Ave,
Niagara Falls, Canada


Join Keith Gillam and Amy Zupan as they say their vows at Niagara Falls Comic Con!

Keith and Amy met in Grade 5 at Steele St. School in Port Colborne. He was announced by our teacher, Mr. Roesch, as "the new student who would be joining us." Their eyes locked on each other and they had an immediate crush.

Their first kiss was in Laff in the Dark at Crystal Beach Amusement Park on the walkway. On their Grade 8 Ottawa graduation school trip, they spent every moment they could together, including sharing earphones on the same walkman for the bus ride there and back.
High School lead them both in different directions as Keith scored a recording contract and travelling on North American tours while Amy focused on schooling and work. Eventually, both settled down and had children; Isaac and Julian.
Throughout the many years, Keith and Amy never lost contact and would still talk for hours at end. in 2016, Keith opened Freakshow Comics, a new comic shop in Niagara Falls that has become a local staple to comic fans in the Region.
Shortly after the grand opening, Keith and Amy began rekindling their romance and have been inseparable since, with Amy even joining the Freakshow team to assist Keith in the day-to-day operations of the business.
Please join us on Saturday, June 3, at 3pm in Ballroom A to celebrate the marriage of these two lovebirds!